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Behavior Policy



When at Tiger Theatre, whether it be rehearsal, performance, meeting or event,  we expect every student to want to be there and be ready to work, learn and perform their very best. 

Always respect one another, props, stage equipment and school property.

Always be responsible for oneself and your actions.

Listen politely when others are speaking.

Attend all scheduled rehearsals and tech rehearsals. Absences must be excused. ONE unexcused absence and performer will be subject to loosing their role.


A commitment to study and to be prepared for each rehearsal is a positive behavior and one that will keep rehearsals moving.  Being unprepared, disruptive or not participating will result in the below consequences.


The consequences for such behavior are as follows:


First -- Verbal Warning -- a student will be notified that this is their first offense and allowed an opportunity to correct the behavior.


Second -- 2nd Verbal Warning; “Note” home -- a student will be notified that this is their second offense, and parents will be contacted and notified of the issues taking place in rehearsal. The student will be allowed a final opportunity to correct the behavior.


Third -- Final Step -- If the student has continued to be disruptive in rehearsals, and has not shown sufficient effort to correct the behavior, after parents have been notified. At this point, they will no longer be allowed to participate in Tiger Theatre rehearsals or performances.

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